Jump4Love issues balance of refund after 15 months

I am pleased to confirm, that in spite of the fact that it has taken some 15 months, Jump4Love has finally repaid me for the credits I purchased to communicate with a girl who subsequently turned out to be operating under a false identity. A fraud, a scam, deception, call it what you will. In my particular case, this girl conspired with the director of a Nikolaev based Marriage Agency to complete the deception. However, whilst Jump4Love may also have been duped in this particular case, the fact is, Jump4Love failed, at that time, to demonstrate reasonable care to limit the possibility of fraud or deception. I don’t know if their systems, procedures or processes have improve in the interim, but hopefully, having had to refund in excess of $17,000 (over a period of 15 months), I hope they will have learned their lesson.

If anyone else suspects or knows that they have been the victim of a deception, where a girl, for example, has used a fake identity, I would urge and actively encourage them to pursue the website owners. It may require patience and persistence, but the only way website owners will improve their systems and processes is when they are hit in the pocket. Too often the owners of these dating sites think (and they may be correct) that victims will not want the hassle or will be too embarrassed to pursue a claim. Don’t give up and consider writing about your experience to aid others.

Am I still out of pocket? Yes, Jump4Love only refunded the money I paid using my main account, not the expenses I incurred when my suspicions were raised and I started investigating the suspected deception. In addition, the 15 month delays has meant that I have had to accept a lower amount than I initially paid because the refunds were made in USD and the Dollar has been relatively strong. In addition, I have had to accept poor exchange rates and bank fees for each credit. However, was it worth it? Yes, it was and I have to respect Jump4Love for accepting responsibility very early on, even if they have been incredibly slow in passing the credits.   As for me, I now consider the matter closed…and I have learned some valuable lessons.

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  1. dean butcher says:

    this has made great reading. having signed up on this “jump4love” a short while ago i suspected something wasn’t right so had a look around google and come across this blog.

    having joined “J4L” i have been inundated with letters and chat messages from beautiful women.
    i haven’t contacted anyone on there as i thought it was a scam from the start.
    however some of the messages are so funny to read especially the ones that say “i’ve read your profile and/or i’ve seen your photo’s and i’m the man for them” apparently, lol, when i haven’t posted a picture or gone into great detail about myself at all.
    these con-artists some how have feelings for me (yeah right).

    i think this is a great blog to help warn people of these types of scams and hopefully you can prevent others to part with money to line these peoples pockets.

    i wish you all the luck and hope things work out for you.

    • @ dean butcher: Thank you for your feedback. I have to admit, that after I received the balance of what was promised (not an entire refund), I was going to remove this blog. However, on reflection, I felt it could also serve as a warning to others. Jump4Love is hardly the worst culprit for housing scammers; but, it remains incapable or unwilling to clamp down on these obvious scam artists. The reality is, many of the girls are paid a percentage of the revenues received by local agencies and, therefore, they are encourage to generate as many letters and chat minutes as possible. Some girls do this by sending out mass ‘generic’ letters (as you have received) and other are prepared to remove their clothes or “dance” for me to rack up the chat minutes. Bottom line is Jump4Love have excellent monitoring systems and they can easily tell if a girl is sending out 100’s of letters, after all, a serious girl would be much more restrained and selective. Similarly, Jump4Love can monitor the webchat, so if girls are using it as a porn site, they must know this as well. But still, they appear to do nothing.

      The bottom line is very few people are as determined as me, so I guess it is a number game and Jump4Love will reimburse the odd complainant in return for the lucrative earnings available from other people who have not yet worked out that many of the girls are con artists.

      I am pleased that this blog stopped you falling victim to some professional scammers, who have clearly been trained in the art of writing enticing letters. However, I suspect you already had your suspicions, so all this blog has done is to confirm than. I wish you well in your quest and hope you find a decent site. I still firmly recommend using the carious social networking sites in Russia and Ukraine.

  2. ronny says:

    i also have an account on j4l and i also have found out that there are alot of professinal pix from models are used to do the scamming no matter what age they are
    i had contact with some of them and i also saw some on cam and they are very fast to show there naked body there are also woman (girls) that prostitute themselves on cam without me asking for it
    i also have experianced that there tools like broodcasting youreself to a girl dont work but they sharge it from you even when the girl dont see you and every time they blaim it on youre browser
    in that case i lost more then 200 credits after many letters send to them i have recoved 100 credits
    but they dont like it when they have to refund you
    i had to treth them with lawsute’s and complaints with police and governement threths
    but i dont think that al of the woman are scammers becos i have contact with a girl for more then a year now and she send me dayly pictures she never askt for any financial thing for now and she has send me more then 200 letters and never the same
    but i will see where it brings me becos she is planning to come to me this summer
    so i will be back with more news and i will tell you if she came or not and what excuse she will have when she cant come

    greatings for now


    • @ronny. Thank you for sharing your experience, this can always prove helpful to other that may visit this blog.

      I no longer use this site…in fact I haven’t for more than 2 years, but I do occasionally visit out of curiosity. One think that is interesting, though not surprising for me, is that so many of the girls on there now, were also on there 4 years ago. Why would so many pretty girls still be single after 4 years? Yes, perhaps they entered into a relationship that failed…but so many? I don’t think so!!!

      I believe this site continues to display girls that are being paid a commission for each letter and chat session they participate in and that many still use multiple profiles. I do not say that the site owners are complicit in this, because the girls are added by local agents, but the site owners certainly know that this happens.

      Some girls are prolific writers, once they have found someone that will respond to each of their letters, they are happy to engage the man in regular correspondence, because this is regular and easy income. If they are feeling lazy, they will just send short messages, in the hope it will illicit a reply, for which, of course, they will get rewarded in they are one of the many paid scammers.

      You say that your girl is real and sincere…I genuinely hope this is so, because I am sure there are some sincere girls on the site. However, if she should ask you for any financial help towards the cost of visiting you I would suggest that you remain on your guard. If you want to help her, no problem, but you should insist that you will only help her once she has arrived in your country. Remember please, scammers are always willing to play the ‘long game’. Lots of letters…and then the cry for help or request for assistant, be this for a visa, passport, travel documents or some other such related need.

      I would be grateful if you can update visitors on your experience. Perhaps you will have found one of the genuine girls from the site, but in all honesty, I am somewhat sceptical. No matter, I wish you well. If you or any other reader wants to check out a girl from this site, it is worth visiting one of the Russian social networking sites or conducting a Google picture search. You will be surprised how much you can learn.

      • ronny says:

        how can i do a picture surche on google ??
        is there a special site where you can find the most off this girls that are actif on this jump4love site
        i have seen that the pictures off most off these woman are taken by profesional photographers
        but i can asure you that i get from the woman that i have contact with pictures off her dayly life
        with her kid and i have seen both on cam multiple times
        i dont think that she is a scammer but time will tell me that

        and dont worry i am carefull with what i do on this site and i will never send money to any off them
        iff she wants to come to me then she will have to do this with her own money
        she write’s me every day i only awnser her when it sute’s me
        have a nice day

      • @ronny. You can find instructions on how to complete a picture search here: http://www.google.com/insidesearch/features/images/searchbyimage.html. All you need is a photo you have been given to upload and compare. Its not 100% accurate, but if the same photo is elsewhere on Google, then you should find it.

        The two big social networking sites favoured by Ukrainians and Russians are VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. Just enter these two names into Google and you will find the sites. I can’t provide you with the hyperlinks because, for some reason, WordPress doesn’t like them.

        Some girls are provided a “free portfolio” of photos by the agencies that sign them up, this doesn’t mean they are fake, but it does imply that they will be under pressure to write and chat so that the local agency can earn their money back. However, some photos are also ‘lifted’ from modelling sites and social networking sites…therefore, it always makes sense to ask for ‘normal’ everyday photos as a further precaution. Based on what I have been told, a lot of the girls on these dating sites are students and see this as an “innocent” way of making money. Moreover, many girls think that what they are doing is legitimate because all foreigners are rich.

        Whatever the girls tell you…they all DO have their own email addresses and chat facilities on social networking sites. So…if they tell you they can only speak with you via the dating site, then you KNOW this is a scam. Some girls that earn good money are provided with laptops, cameras and internet connection courtesy of the agency. These can be monitored or checked by the agency directors but, if the girl is sincere, she will make contact through the many internet cafes in Ukraine. In addition, I don’t know of any girl in Ukraine that does not have some form of internet access from their phone, which is very cheap in Ukraine.

        I sincerely hope you have found a genuine girl. You are doing some research, so that is a good thing, it is necessary to always be on your guard because these girls can be relentless.

  3. John says:

    Guys. I have definitive proof these sites are a con job. I know the figures the girls get paid and the tricks they use. How? My girl has allowed me to sign in with her, to work.

    There are many scams, mainly agency based, but the websites know and turn a blind eye. We have even found fake profiles of her on other websites, sold by some bitch in Nikolaev. When approached the sites give me a load of crap. I then hit them with the Skype conversations, emails etc and they back off, but they don’t remove the profile.

    Look for a site that is not hidden in Cyprus, with obviously fake address. Look for site that can genuinely say, all our profiles are active and real. The sites cannot say, no scammers, till we complain, but if it is a real person, then they can at least try and do something.

    • @John: Thank you for sharing your experience with the visitors to this blog it is only with contributions like yours that men can be provided with up to date information on dating site scams.

      Firstly, I completely agree, most of the scams are run by the agents/agencies rather than the websites. Some agencies openly recruit girls to “work” in return for a share of the commission earned. Many of the girls are students, some are prostitutes (I know of 2) and others have long-term boyfriends or are married. I am sure, somewhere in the mix are some girls that are single, but whether they are there for love or money is a completely different matter.

      Fake profiles are commonplace, because most, if not all the dating sites allow the local agencies to complete the verification process with little or no oversight. I know when I decided to take this matter up with Jump4Love, they confirmed that they relied on local agencies and admitted that they don’t conduct audits…in fact; they don’t even meet with the local agencies before they recruit them. I don’t know if that has changed since, but I doubt it. I suspect many other dating sites, some of whom ‘share’ girls, adopt a similar hands-off approach.

      So, do the dating site owners know what is going on? Of course they do, but by placing the onus for check onto the local agents, they have the benefit of “plausible deniability”. This is unlikely to stand up in a court case, but it acts as a deterrent to most complainants. When dating site owners receive complaints they will invariably act, because they don’t want negative publicity. Typically they will apologise, remove the profile and may, depending on the nature of the complaint, offer a few credits to compensate the complainant. Not all dating sites remove profiles, in my case, I wrote to Natasha Club twice and they didn’t even have the courtesy to respond, much less remove the offending profile.

      Personally, I would like to see more men do what I did, which is to insist on having a cash refund, not credits. After all, if you have found one scammer, there are likely to be many more. I think most men are too embarrassed to do anything…and the reality is, the girls, the agencies and the dating sites know this and rely on this.

      What we all have to remember, is dating sites are a lucrative business, generating significant income for the sites, agencies and the girls. The best “earners” tend to be the scammers. The girls that spend countless hours on the sites operating multiple profiles! How far will they go? Well, some will have profiles which they use exclusively for writing letters and they will send literally hundreds of letters out each day. Then they may have one or two ‘chat’ or ‘webchat’ profiles, these are their biggest income generators. If they are working more than one camera on same dating site, then they may go as far as wearing a wig, turning down the lights or even placing some for of transparent tape over the camera to disguise their image whilst giving the impression it is just a poor connection or web camera. As I said, this is a business and innovation and creativity is at its core.

      Where girls work from the offices of local agencies, they will often be working several sites simultaneously. Anyone that has ever contacted a girl who is sitting in an agent’s office will have noticed that the girls are often distracted. However, many agencies now allow the girls to work from home and some will even provide a free laptop and pay for the internet connection. In return, the girls must allow the agency director to check or monitor their computer; this is to ensure that if the girls scam men outside the dating site, they can share in the proceeds. Incredible but true.

      Not all girls are scammers; some genuinely believe that the dating agencies are genuine or they think that earning income in this way is a victimless crime, in that “all Western men are rich” and can afford to help some poor girl from Eastern Europe. Once they realise it is all a scam or have experience of men getting hooked on the lies, many of them leave the agency. However, their profiles are often left in place, to be ‘managed’ by one of the less scrupulous scammers.

      For those men that convince themselves that it is not worth pursuing a claim because the girls are just desperate to eat, they may like to know that many of these girls use the money to buy designer goods, the latest mobile phones and tablets as well as an all singing, all dancing laptop.

      The bottom line is, because this is business, whatever the dating site owners may say, the scammers generate better income than casual users of their services. It does not take a genius to work out that there is a marked reluctance to cut off any lucrative revenue stream. I suspect they only do so where they believe the complainant is going to become a thorn. In my case I managed to secure all of the money I spent communicating with one scammer on Jump4Love and also reclaimed all of the money I sent the girl. I was naïve back then, but once I realised how callous and indifferent they were, I pursued my claim and I would urge others to do the same.

      Jump4Love claim to have cleaned up their act, but I am not convinced. There are girls on the site that have been ‘single’ for 4 year. Other profiles use the same photos for years, an unlikely scenario. I also know of at least one agency director, who is married with children and has her own active profile. In Jump4Love’s case, having a site makeover and adding countless blogs and/or sites claiming they have no scammers on their dating site just doesn’t cut it! All they have done is create SPAM sites with links to their main dating site and claims they know they cannot and should not make. They are not alone of course…this industry is fuelled by girls with few morals, corrupt agencies, indifferent dating websites and authorities that are unwilling or incapable of stamping down on these fraudulent activities. I am only aware of a single prosecution in the past 7 years and that was in Russia.

      My advice to anyone seeking a girl from Eastern Europe is to join one of their free social networking sites or visit the country. This is not a guarantee that you won’t be scammed, but it does reduce the risk and avoids lining the pockets of professional scammers, agencies or dating sites.

    • ronny says:

      Hi, I had a very good experience last week on jump for love i was chatting with a girl and she told me that she was taken from the street by an agency to post her private info on there dating site she did that a year ago and she earns money even if she is not online. She said that the agency makes tapes off them and they play that when you are chatting with them in videochat she tried to stop with the agency but they tell her not to do that because they have paid for her internet at home all that time and her monthly check of 300 us dollars for doing nothing she also told me that when girls have stopped with the dating site that there profile’s are used from other people that are listed on that site some of he girls are using 15 or 20 different accounts so they can not be traced by the man.

      She also told me that if man is asking for a meeting in the ukraine with the girl that he has to pay upfront for the service they so could provide and once that happened he will have a lot of problems to get anything back because the girl will never show up on the date. So he loses everything that he has paid the person that can get a man in her trap is also paid 1/3 of the payment that the man does for the meeting the pictures from that girl will be deleted from there website after the man has paid for all the expenses. 6 months later her account will be active again on there site and others they work together with 5 or 6 different agency’s from the Ukraine and Russia

      They get free internet, a computer, and are paid for that kind of scams. They also manipulate the pictures from the girls with programs to look different from their real pictures that’s the way they do it to scam men from other country’s there are even men that use the profile’s from girls so most of the time you are watching clips from girl but that are played from male persons that work in the dating site’s the girls get a percentage of what their profile bring in to the account from the agency’s

      There is not 1 dating agency in Russia or the Ukraine that are not corrupt that’s what she told me and most off them have a relationship or are married. She told me that she was married and had 2 kids and she is happily married and earns money with doing nothing she even has no computer or laptop in her possession or from the agency

      I hope that you will be pleased with reading this

      Have a nice day


      • @Ronny: Many thanks, this is invaluable information for anyone that is considering using an Eastern Europe dating site. Too many bad agencies and poor vetting by the dating sites mean that the vast majority of men are likely to be scammed in one way or another. These sites and agencies should be closed down and the owners prosecuted for fraud. Because, the reality is, in most cases, it is not a scam it is a fraud. The dating sites are always keen to say that they don’t allow scammers, but they are not proactive in ridding themselves of bad agencies or girl scammers. Instead, they make weasel excuses about not being responsible for the vetting or monitoring of girls.

        I hope the FBI’s investigation into these scams (or frauds) is gaining pace and leads to prosecutions, especially given many of the “dating” sites are hosted in the USA.

  4. John says:

    A.N. and Ronny.

    I have heard of that as well Ronny, the video running on the screen. The sites will never keep up with controlling them, mainly because the 2 most effective ways to deal with fake profiles would cost them a little more time and one extra wage.

    I know of only 3 honest agencies.

    A.N. This FBI investigation, it is interesting for me. I have a lot of information, hard facts, screen shots, etc, names even address’s as well as emails of US and other men who have been conned.

    I can also provide the name of the girl who was behind the assault and robbery of an American in Nikolaev earlier this year.

    Is there a link or a way to offer them this data?

    Your appraisal of the subtle difference between scam and fraud, is succinct. The websites have failed totally in providing a duty of care for their customer base and throw up many red herrings to deter a man from taking further action.

    Gentlemen reading, add Charming Date to the list of total deceivers with possibly the worst customer service.

    Be watchful of these 2 refreshed sites, romance compass (looks very much like jump4love, re branded) and bridge-of-love.

    I have challenged both of them over some profiles I know are fake or use deception and was basically told to F off. They backed off when I told them one of the profiles was my fiancé and she does not know anything about these sites. Most of the other profiles have photo’s over 3 years old which imply they have been bought.

    Have fun guys, keep your eyes open and wallets shut. You can find a great woman there.


    • @John. Thank you for your comments and input.

      The FBI started their investigation, as I understand it, over 2 years ago and I don’t know how much progress they have made. I do, however, understand they continue to try and gather evidence and suggest everyone files a complaint, irrespective of their country or origin through their online form: http://www.ic3.gov/faq/default.aspx

      I am sure there must be some honest dating sites or agencies out there, but I suspect they will be the smaller ones. The large sites tend to reply on local agencies and therein lies the problem, local agencies can do pretty much whatever they like, including fake and multiple profiles with virtual impunity. The dating sites appear less concerned with scammers than they are getting caught in the cross-hairs by an indignant victim who publicises their experiences or demands a refund.

      I note, for example, that Jump4Love have set up many spammy sites claiming that they don’t have any scammers on their sites. Not only is this a bold claim given they are reactive rather than proactive, it is also indicative of an industry that prefers to invest in more sites, rather than addressing the issues that concern their customers. The only way these sites can be brought into line is a successful prosecution or victims voting with their feet.

  5. ronny says:

    Well I contacted the agency and asked for some explination 2 weeks ago and they don’t even take the time to reply to me so we are nothing in there eyes the only thing that matters is they receive your money and nothing else

    There must be more people that join blogs like this but the most of the men that are being scammed are ashamed to tell or warn other people from these website’s and as long that there are man or woman that pay to talk with those woman they will never stop

    This is also a website were you can find scammers from alover the world its called rhoda naa. You will find there American woman that have scammed man and women from all over the world there are also Russian scammers listed on that website

    Most off the Americans that are listed do this with pictures from american porn stars. Do you know that even the authorities do nothing about that.

    The scammers use the free music download sites imesh or bear share to get there victims and then get them in there messenger and from there they start there game off getting money from man. The most off the scammers use google, yahoo, skype, gmail,and many other messengers to get what the want from people.

    • @Ronny: I agree, it would be helpful if more men were prepared to publicise their experiences. They should not be ashamed given these scammers and sites are really quite adept at encouraging unsuspecting or trusting men to part with their money. And, in any event, any victims could share their experiences anonymously.

      There are a number of sites, some free, that list email addresses, names and photos of known scammers. I would urge anyone that has suspicions to visit these sites before they part with their money. However, all readers need to understand that there are two principal scams and these should not be confused. One is where the dating sites and/or local agents employed by the dating sites use fake profiles, multiple profiles, and/or pay girls to chat or write to men, even if they are married with children. The other is where the girls themselves, perhaps encouraged by the local agencies that pay them a commission, directly scam men to send money via Western Union with false claims of love using any reason from a sick relative, to a request for money for flights visas and so on. Any man could be victim to either of these scams or both.

      With the advent of webmail addresses, the girls know these are disposable so changing their email address after each scam is very simple. In fact, in Ukraine, they can even change their name for a few Dollars. Any man tempted to invest time or money via dating sites to communicate with a girl on an Eastern European website would be well advised to complete their research first. Most REAL girls and I mean most girls, will have a Facebook profile or, more likely the Russian equivalent. These can be very revealing.

  6. ronny says:

    Hello guys

    This morning I have sent money to jump4love to get credits but after 12 hours i still dont have the credits I paid for.

    So now I am being scammed by those responsible for the website but don’t worry I have this covered because I already have filed complain to PayPal because that’s the way I pay for credits.

    Yesterday I had request from the jump4love support that the could send me the bill that they had from the past month and I have seen that there are things on it that have not done. They have billed me twice for the same girl that I talked with.

    I was for 50 minutes in chat with her with 2 way cam so you have to pay for seeing her and also to broadcast youreself so 1 minute is 3 credits so if I am correct then it shut be for 50 minutes 2 way cam 150 credits. They have charged me 135 and after the chat was over again 53 credits so I asked for an explanation and the answer was that this was the way they do it

    So I took a bill from 4 months ago and there it is completely different to what they told me so I have confronted them with there scamming. From that moment they don’t answer anything that I write to them I also asked them what they are going to do with the scammers I have found on there site the only thing that they are saying is that they are investigating this issue and they will give me an answer when there is one.

    So I told them that I have many proofs and that I will send it to the authorities there and to other country’s that are involved and i have told them that I don’t get no more answers on my questions.

    I will be back when there is a solution for this I will tell you what happened.

    I am also going to ask for a total refund lets see what will happen then

    Wish me luck guy’s.

    • @Ronny: I can’t really comment on any specific examples as outlined in your post. However, I know that when I originally submitted my claim to Jump4Love, they tried to hide behind their terms and conditions. When I reminded them that no matter what their terms state, they have a legal duty of care to their customers, they started to take note. Even after they admitted I had been scammed, they then spent months organising the refunds which was paid in instalments over a period of about 9 months. At one stage, they threatened to halt refunds unless I gave them control over this blog. I refused!

      My advice is to be persistent. If you have been wrongly charged, then they should refund you. If you have been scammed by someone using a fake profile on your site, you should be refunded. Jump4Love could and should do much more to police their site. With the information available to them, spotting scammers would not be difficult…but, of course, its all about money and the best earners are going to be the scammers.

      I wish you luck in your endeavours.

      • ronny says:

        Well I have some good news then 2 days ago I sent a letter to jump4love that the service that they sell did not work when I was chatting with a girl with cam.

        From previous tries I didn’t expect nothing so I took my chances and I notified PayPal that I had not have received for what I had paid for. PayPal has contact him and asked for my money back. The same day I was refunded for 2 payments I had made. But now they have blocked me in the way that the don’t accept my money any more through PayPal so I contact them again and I have complained through PayPal on 5 other payments I did to jump for love lets wait and see what will happen.

        I keep you all informed.

      • John says:

        Love your style Ronny. I will give it a try as well, I have complained numerous times to Jump about failed videos and bogus credits taken, but so far just a stone wall.

      • ronny says:

        Dear John,

        Today i got a letter from Jump for Love that they have blocked my money transfer that I make with PayPal so I asked for an explanation from the jump4love people they gave me a few lines back.

        I quote, Dear Sir, The reason that your payments with PayPal are not longer available is for the reason that you have complained to Paypal that or services are not good. So I wrote back to then and asked for how long this will be and they replied to me and said that they don’t know for how long this will be. So I tried a new dating site with the name Romance Compass and do you know what, 95% off the woman that are on jump4love are also on Romance Compass. So I asked the website manger if I could pay with PayPal and he told me that they don’t do that but that I could pay with a credit card or Western Union or Moneygram and he signed the email with the same name as the manager of jump4love what a coincidence don’t you think?

        John did you know that you can go back with PayPal up to 3 months to get your money back from jump4love? I did that and that’s what pisses them off because they can’t prove that I am wrong and will be obligated to refund me with what I have spent on their dating site.

        But first you have to notify Paypal and then you have to upgrade your complaint to a claim.

        I wish you good luck.

      • John says:

        Hey Ronny

        If it was my site, I wouldn’t let you back in either)))))).

        Hitting these guys in their pockets is the only way. Btw, I thought the same of Romance Compass, so I wrote to them, expecting good old Norman from jump to reply, but I was replied to by another man, but it looks and smells like Jump.

        Its funny seeing the ways men protest. If you ever manage to get on Jump as a female, there are so many protest profiles, naming the girls. Photo’s of screenshots of them masturbating etc. This also sort of makes a mockery of Jumps claims that we review every photo.

        We are but the tip of an ice berg, I suspect.

        Keep at them.

      • ronny says:

        Hey John,

        How did you get in as a female. How do you now this???

        How can i get in as a female???


      • John says:

        Hi Ronny

        I better not let on here, Jump may read these pages.

      • John says:

        AN and Ronny.

        A new angle to try. I sent a complaint to a member of my Government.

        Technically Jump is a porn site. The girls openly masturbate for the men, even use vibrators etc.

        My country requires such sites to have a clearly written disclaimer about content and age.

        They are breaking the law here, maybe the same in your countries?

      • @John: You make a very good point.

        I looked at this when I was making my claim, but I am not sure if the responsibility lies with the owners or the host. I believe the owners are Russian, but the site is hosted in the USA…although things may have changed.

        It may also be that an offence is committed in Ukraine by the girls. I looked at their laws 2 years ago and it is difficult to determine exactly what offences they commit given the laws were set up in a pre-internet era.

    • John says:

      Hey Ronny.

      Good luck. As A.N. says, you have to keep at them to get anywhere. Don’t be put off by their terms and conditions, they have a “Duty of Care”!

      I also think that if you are looking for a partner, forget this site all together. It’s just tits and bums.

      Don’t bother with Bridge of Love or Romance Compass either.

      I think you will find problems with most sites at some stage, the better ones at least will listen and if you have enough evidence, will act.

      I cant endorse any site as I reckon I could search every site and find a few suspect or known scammer/con artists.

      When gathering information I started searching Google for them. Try the name, age and town, then narrow it down with the specific phrase search, copy a line from their profile and see how many hits you get. Email the site and ask them if this profile is active or not. Chances are it has not been used for months. My lady and I found her photo’s etc on 3 sites she was not involved with and when asked about the activity level for this profile, we were not that surprised to find someone had been using it. It took a lot of convincing that this profile was being used illegally, but after many emails, copies of her identification documents etc, they had to remove the profile.

      When a girl swaps sites regularly, it is a good sign she is just being paid or her profile has been stolen.

      If any readers have doubts over the agency involvement, go to svadba.com it is the female entry site for anastasiadate. Its in Russian so use the translate function and have a good look around. Some agencies openly brag that they earned $7000 in a month. This is a small fortune in Ukraine, even if they have to pay the girls and rent etc, an agency owner could expect to earn $2000 or more. More than 3 times the average wage.

      Keep an open mind, research and keep your wallet shut. You should always be cautious, even when meeting a girl in person. The agency supplied translator, for which you have to pay, will steer you towards certain restaurants, shops, taxi’s etc. They get kickbacks. Research the city you intend to visit, find your own translator, plan where you want to visit and enjoy your ladies company. The websites will state the reverse and encourage you to use the agency for everything, including their accommodation. If this is your first visit to Ukraine, it may cost you a few extra dollars but the accommodation will be secure, quaintly comfortable and you wont be ripped off by rogue real estate agents. If you pay for anything in advance, use a credit card. At least you have some avenue for reimbursement should the service you paid for, not be available, but most reputable companies will only want a deposit, so smell a rat if asked for the entire amount in advance.

      Hope this helps.


      • ronny says:

        Dear John,

        2 days ago i also have complaint to PayPal that I didn’t get what I was paying for i was surprised with what I got back from PayPal. It only took 2 days and I got money back from jump4love even that I had used the credits I got back 2 payments. But what happened now they dont want my money anymore that is send through PayPal. So I have also filed a complaint against jump4love through PayPal and I am curious what this will bring.

        I also have complaint to PayPal itself that this person does fraudulent practices who knows what will happen. I will keep you informed about that, but you have to do something else to get your money back you have to claim it back through PayPal and I also send a letter to jump4love that I want all my money back lets wait and see what will happen.

        I wish you good luck to get youre money back.

  7. ronny says:

    People I have the perfect proof that jump4love and Romance Compass the same but they don’t work well together, they are both big scams, 95% of the women that are on jump4love are also on Romance Compass

    I had a woman that I have talked with on jump4love but on Romance Compass she don’t even know me anymore she wrote me an introduction letter even when she could see my picture, how do you explain that?

    Isn’t that the perfect proof that those website’s are scammers paradises?

    • @Ronny: I don’t know if that is necessarily proof that they work together or are the same company. The reason I make that point is because most dating sites use local agents. These agents will often add the girls profiles to all the dating sites they have accounts with…and, invariably, without the girls knowledge.

      There are two other possibilities. The first is ‘introduction letters’ are often sent by the Directors of the local agencies without the girls knowledge. The second possibility is the profiles are not being managed by the same girl. That said, if it is is either of these two examples, it implies bad faith or worse!

      The bottom line, in my opinion, is few if any of these dating sites are genuine. They use local agents with little or no vetting or oversight and most of them react to complaints rather than police thier sites in a proactive manner. The FBI are investigating many of these sites and they are looking for “patterns”, anyone who thinks they have been scammed or a site is allowing scammers to operate should file an online report to the FBI using the link provided in my Blog Roll. It is high time there were some prosecutions!

      • ronny says:

        I have confronted jump4love manager with the issue that there are women that are scamming from their dating site he gave me an answer. I quote, These women that are listed are listed from people that are competitive with their website and they try to scare the woman of that are on jump4love.

        So I asked him how can it be that multiple people from all over the world are listing those woman and not other dating sites he didn’t answer me any more I think that I hit the sensitive wire.

        I understand what you are saying but the only way to fight them right now is doing what i do. From in my country I cant file complaints against them with the FBI so I do it my way for the moment and I believe that I am doing a great job.

        But i will find a way to do that.

      • @Ronny: It doesn’t matter which country you are from, you can still file the complaint with the FBI. They are looking for patterns and evidence and the FBI don’t care where it comes from.

        I fully support your attempts to recover your money, as indeed I have, but getting your money back is only part of the solution. What we really need is prosecutions and that can only happen if more people submit their experiences to law enforcement agencies and, given most of these sites are hosted and/or managed from the USA, the FBI is a good start.

      • ronny says:

        OK, I will see how I can do that but I don’t know when because I am still communicating with that man and that also can be used as evidence because he say things that he better would not say.

        So i will do that but I cannot send the proof to the FBI, I only can tell what my experiences are on that site or I will give you my email and when you send me a response on that. I will send you what I have if that’s OK for you.

  8. ronny says:

    Well people the last days I am being blessed because jump4love has started with refunding me.

    I already have received pay backs from 4 or 5 payments that I did in the past they also send me a letter that they will refund me every cent I paid but they need time to do that.
    so i will keep you all informed

    And John do like me and ask refunds through PayPal they are waiting for more complaints from custumers from jump4love maybe they will close them up from using PayPal but remember you have to claim it through PayPal

    Good luck

    • @Ronny: That is great news.

      In my case, the refunds were repaid over a period of 15 months, some of which went missing. However, at the time, they were not using Paypal, they were using a credit card processor in the UK, who were not prepared to act. In fact, they never even responded to my written complaint. So, I wasn’t aware that Jump4Love had moved back to Paypal.

      I think you are correct, if Paypal receive enough complaints and/or requests for refunds, they may well close their account.

      One thing I know for certain, Jump4Love hate bad publicity, they especially hate this site…and even tried to force me to hand over control to them. Not a chance!!

      In my case, the truth is, whilst Jump4Love refunded all the money I spent communicating with one girl. I have since learned that there was a ‘ring of girls’ operated by the same local agency and once they knew I was a spender, they targeted me with other girls who were either using fake profiles or pretending to have an interest in return for receiving a share of the revenues.

      It seems to me that little has changed over the past 2 or 3 years…except there are now many, many sites and blogs run by Jump4Love proclaiming that the site doesn’t have scammers or fake profiles. Strange that!!!

  9. ronny says:

    John how is your refunding going did you get anything back from them?

    I managed to get some money back but it has been in small amounts and it takes time. The last time that I got a replay to one of my letters it was with a note and I quote;

    “Dear Sir

    ” I can only say that we are doing our best to refund you but there is a problem. PayPal is blocking this so we can only do it when they feel right about that.”

    So I wrote to PayPal and explained the situation and they told me that they can’t block payments that are done for me or for other people that they get from customers.

    So now PayPal is very intrested in the way that jump4love works and have will start a very deep investigation on the complaints that they get from there customers towards jump4love

    I keep you all informed about this.

  10. ronny says:

    Well people, I can tell you that Jump4Love are still refunding me bit, I only get the money back when I write to them. Last week they refunded me twice, just small amounts, using the excuse that they do not have enough money to send me larger amounts. I have also lost out based on the exchange rates between Dollars and Euros. But I write to them and they still have to pay me back.

    I will keep you informed about what is happening and remember, keep your money in your pockets.

    • @Ronny: In my particular case, Jump4Love took 15 months to provide all the refunds and this was also in small amounts. I also found that I had to chase them for refunds and that they would occasionally use some excuse or other regarding a missed payment. At one stage, they also threatened to stop the refunds unless I have them this website!!! I refused of course!

      • ronny says:

        Dear friend

        You should put your story on a public website like Facebook or Twitter; millions of people use that site daily. I am sure that when people read that there that jump4love will have a lot of letters from people that are on their website paying customers and would claim there money back. As long as they keep paying me back I will not do that.

        Have a nice day

      • @ronny: I agree, whilst Facebook and Twitter are huge sites, social media sites really need regular ‘news’ to remain relevant. The WordPress blog is quite easily found when people search for Jump4Love or Jump4Love scams. So, whilst not complacent, if anyone takes the effort to complete some minor research, they should find the blog and the comments.

      • John says:

        That’s great Ronny……somehow I don’t believe they don’t have enough money, but more on that a little later.

        If anyone is sincere in taking these assholes or a few more of these so called dating sites to court, drop me a line, I have been doing some more snooping and have some real eye openers.

      • @John: I think they remove the money virtually as soon as it hits their bank accounts. After all, based on my enquiries, as much as 50% goes through to their various agency partners. In other words, I think it is more an income generator than a real business. From what I can see, even the business names appear to be nothing other than shell companies.

        Whilst I have reclaimed my money John and therefore can’t participate directly in a claim; I am sure I can provide supporting evidence should you decide to mount such a claim.

      • John says:

        Hi Guys.

        Well it took some time but I finally have photographic evidence. I have the same girl in the video stream, on Jump4love and the sister site romancecompass, at the same time….but under different profiles.

        Guess their answers? First was,,,we can’t see the girl. Blind Freddy could see it. @nd, we asked the girl to provide us a video? Hahaha. Guess what, the video was so poor they had to ask her again. 3rd. Our anti fraud team (what a joke), thinks I may be correct.

        These profiles dumped from jump but….romance says…they are the girl on our site, we cant dump her. So, it is ok to cheat on one site but not another? F me?

        I also have befriended another girl and she sings like a lark. She gets paid in fact they have a competition running, who earns the most during March wins an Iphone.

        These girls are getting so brazen they must become embarrassing for Jump.

        Anyway, my Laywers are starting a claim, so we may have some fun soon. I’ll keep you all posted.

        If we can find the mystery man. If anyone wants some fun, search their facebook page. add a comment, it pisses them off

      • @John: I commend you on your persistence, all too often, men are scammed and they take it on the chin rather than trying to expose the scams.

        I am disappointed, that more than 4 years after my own experience, these organisations are still unable to curtail or prevent scammers. It makes me wonder how much incentive they have to do so, after all, it is not rocket science!

        I have heard about these incentives. I think this is a good indication that most of these so called marriage or dating sites are just a business and should anyone does find a partner, it is a coincidence and not by design. I hope potential users of these sites (and others) will read this blog and elect to keep their money in their pockets. They would be better off either visiting the country and meeting girls in the conventional way or using one of the free social media sites.

        I wish you well in your quest to recover your costs. I suspect it will be a long process, but please keep us all posted.

  11. ronny says:

    The girls on that dating site change their names like other people change there undies

  12. Tony says:

    who wants to “sue” this jump4 love website? (Bonytaker6@gmail.com)

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